June 21, 2007

Summer in Iowa

So what does summer in Iowa mean?  It means a month of beautiful weather, then hot and humid weather and thunderstorms that rattle the windows in the house and make sleeping just about perfect.

Now that summer has come, it will be great to get the things done that have been planned on for June!  Like, getting the hotel closed (sold…not the doors shut) and on to our life without worrying about any of the problems that come with owning a hotel, not staff, not equipment, not taxes, not bills…ahhh, it will, in fact, be beautiful!

The grass will grow, the flowers will bloom, the tomato plants will grow and summer will be enjoyed.  Most of all the kids all come home in the summer.  Having them around for a little while is better than almost anything.  They enjoy the Iowa summer, heat, humidity and all.  Now, they probably wouldn't want to live here since we also have winter and they are in AZ but for a week or longer summer is a great vacation…for all of us!

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